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The purpose of this page is to offer both general and specific information related to nutrition, fitness, and weightlifting. These articles and links are ones I have found useful and informative over the years. DISCLAIMER: articles and links concerning steroids are provided for information purposes only, and are in no way advocating the illegal use of drugs.

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Weight Tracker 3.0 Software

Absolutely Free computer software to: This program can have up to 900 users on the same computer (each with their own PIN), and is ABSOLUTELY FREE to any and all who want it. Click here to see the documentation and download the program.

Muscle Media's program to add 50 pounds to your benchpress
With forms you can view and print in html, gif, and some other formats
(Includes an alternative high-rep version)

Need a New Workout?
Here are some I've tried over the years

One Rep Max Calculator

"Russian" Strength Program Generator

Linear Periodized Routine Weight Calculator

Develop A Sound Nutrition Plan
(Contains calculators for body fat, BMR, daily calorie requirements,
and a sample meal plan)

Favorite Links

The USDA Food Database of Nutrient Values
DaveDraper.Com, Iron Online
Dr. Squat: In the Gym with the Doctor
Hardgainer Online
Lewis Wolk's A-Z Fitness Links
Sandow Plus (Weightlifters and Bodybuilders
of the Golden Age
Testosterone--Muscle With Attitude

No matter how badly you think you look, there's always hope!
Take a look at this.