By Arthur Jones



Under the direction of the author and coach Bill Bradford, the Deland, Florida, Public High School is offering special weight-training classes as part of their Adult Educational Program; facilities are located in a separate building on school property and are available on a formal enrollment basis at a fee of $6.00 per fiscal year -- payable to the Deland, Florida, Public High School.

Equipment includes a number of Olympic barbell sets, a Universal machine, almost all types of conventional training devices, and Nautilus machines of several types.

Normal training hours are from six to nine in the evening, weekdays except Fridays; however, in fact, the facilities are available for training at almost any hour -- day or night, every day of the week -- so long as such use does not conflict with regularly scheduled weight-training classes conducted during normal school hours, or athletic training programs conducted immediately after school hours.

The author will personally extend any reasonable amount of cooperation to sincerely interested trainees; but the facilities are NOT available for self-directed training -- and we will expect a reasonable attitude and conduct from all trainees.

Quite a number of people from all over the country have written the author for more information regarding these training programs; but in fact, little more can be said -- we have the best-equipped training facility in the world, and it is available to anyone, but we cannot (and will not) promise anything more.

Deland is a rather small, "off the beaten path," University town located approximately 40 miles from Orlando and 20 miles from Daytona Beach; in general, living expenses are lower here than in most parts of the country -- Deland is NOT a tourist town -- and some work is available in the general area, but high wage-scales are not generally available.

Trainees who must work to support themselves while training in DeLand must be willing to accept whatever type of work they may be able to find, and the author cannot extend much if any help in the direction of finding employment.

Interested trainees would be well advised to phone the author at area code 904-228-2884 before visiting DeLand -- in order that particular questions that may be of importance can be answered in advance.

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