Nutrition Plan For Men

You can't tell what direction you need to go unless you know where you're starting! Here are some forms to help calculate your lean mass, body fat percentage, BMR (the minimum number of calories you need each day), and daily calories for either losing fat or gaining muscle. This program is for those who are exercising intensely every day, either aerobic conditioning and/or weightlifting.

Enter the numbers in the appropriate form below:

Body weight in pounds
Waist circumfrance in inches measured at the navel

Lean Mass
Fat Mass
Body Fat %

Based on the above numbers, your BMR is . This represents the minimum amount of calories your body needs, for example just to lay in bed all day long and not do anything. This number should never be below 1,100.

For intense, daily exercise you need calories per day. From this, subtract 500 calories for each pound of fat you want to lose each week. Never go for more than 2.5. (2.0 is probably a realistic number.)

Numer of fat pounds to lose each week:
(Enter 0 if your goal is to gain muscle rather than lose fat)

You need to eat calories per day to achieve this goal. This number should never be less than your BMR of or 1,100. If it is, you're trying to lose too much too fast, and it won't work. Your body will burn muscle tissue instead, which is just the opposite of what you want.

For best results, you should spread your calorie intake evenly throughout the day in 5 to 7 meals.

How many times are you able to eat during the day?

Based on the above numbers, you should try to eat calories per day, devided into meals of calories per meal. Since your lean mass equals pounds, try to get at least this many grams of protein each day.

The daily nutrient ratios I have the best luck with are 1 part fat (16%), 2 parts protein (34%), and 3 parts carbohydrate (50%), in each meal if possible, or something like this:

Daily Total:
Calories Grams

Per Meal:
Calories Grams

Based on your body weight, you need to drink this much water each day:


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