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This is the page for Spartan of Hollywood, which also includes the first 100 images for the studio. (There are more in the member's section, and all other links on this page will work.)


Here are three magazines, including all scans and slideshows.

Young Physique, Volume 1 Number 1, August 1958
Man Alive Number 2
Young Guys, Volume 14, Winter 1968


Here's a two minute movie clip (6.7 meg file) you can view and/or download.
This is a posing film of Joe Napolie from Bruce of LA. (There is no audio with this film.)
The entire movie, plus hundreds more, are available in the member's section.

To play the clip without saving it to your hard drive, click on the VIEW/DOWNLOAD link below. (This may or may not work on your system, depending if your system is set up to associate the file type AVI with a particular program. On most Windows systems this file should play using Window's Media Player.)

To save the clip to your hard drive and view it later, RIGHT CLICK on the VIEW/DOWNLOAD link below, and select SAVE TARGET AS...
You should be prompted to select a folder and file name, then the download will begin. (Make sure the name you select has the correct file extension of .avi)

To play the clip from your hard drive after downloading, either locate the file name and DOUBLE CLICK on it, or load the program you want to use to view the movie (Real Player, Windows Media Player, etc.) and load the file.


If your system won't play this AVI file, you probably need to update your codec files. (Codec files are a type of "translator" that works with the video file and the viewer program.) I use DivX compression for AVI video files because it results in much smaller files for download, especially video files with no audio. Here's a program PC users can download which will install the necessary DivX video codec on your system. After running this program I was able to play the AVI files on a system that previously would not play them, and have heard similar results from several members with both PC and Mac systems. PC users can download the program here. (NOTE: YOU are totally responsible for installing software on your computer.) (This file has been tested to be virus-free.) This program comes from the web site: which has a lot of codecs available for free download. (There are also updates for Mac and other operating systems on this web site --- look for the link for the DivX codec on the first page.)

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